With MyWhoosh you can train like a professional cyclist!

Two-time Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar and th other professional cyclists who race for UAE Team Emirates have a team performance directors, coaches, and trainers to help them improve their weaknesses, sharpen their strengths, and guide their training to optimal, race-winning levels for a ten-month WorldTour racing season.

With MyWhoosh, you, too, will have access to decades of training wisdom used to create the training plans employed by Tadej for widely different races throughout the year—from the early-season UAE Tour and Tirreno-Adriatico, through defending his Tour de France titles, and then the finale at Il Lombardia, in October.

The training programs and workouts in MyWhoosh—more than 700 of them—were created by the MyWhoosh Director of Product Kevin Poulton. Kevin is considered one of the foremost experts in connected fitness and virtual cycling training. He helped train the winner of the 2016 “Hell of the North” when he was sidelined before the cobbled monument, and trained almost exclusively indoors in the run up to one of the hardest single-day bike races in the world.

MyWhoosh Workouts

In MyWhoosh, you can choose specific workouts to complete to boost your strength in specific training modes. The MyWhoosh workouts are categorized by type: Anaerobic, Endurance, Sprint, Sweetspot, Taper, Tempo, Testing, Threshold, Under 35 Minutes, and VO2 max. Each of these workout categories offer specific sessions to boost specific areas of your fitness, while the Under 35 Minutes category is excellent if you’re crunched for time and need to squeeze in a quick session! Whether you’re looking for a short interval repeats of high intensity efforts, Zone 2 training to build endurance, or SweetSpot efforts to train your FTP, you’ll find the workout you need to help you accomplish your goals. You can select any workout and add it to your MyWhoosh calendar, or tap the Workout button in MyWhoosh to immediately start a specific selected workout.

If you’re new to cycling training, you might opt for the MyWhoosh FTP Test or Step Test (you can read more about FTP in the What Does it All Mean blog post). While the data obtained from one of these testing workouts can be used to guide other workouts and gauge changes to your fitness, it’s not required.

MyWhoosh Training Plans

Using the MyWhoosh training plans takes some of the guesswork out of what kinds of training sessions and answers questions like what workouts to do, how frequently to do them, when to just do a free ride or unstructured ride, and when to take rest days. But following workouts in a training plan is just one piece of the puzzle in getting more fit and faster on the bike.

Those wishing to improve their overall fitness or who want to train for a specific type of event can select a training plan with programmed workouts designed to not only improve general fitness, but to also help prepare you for specific types of races or events. MyWhoosh Training Plans are categorized by event type: Criterium, Gran Fondo, Road Racing, Time Trial, Introduction to Training Plans, and Advanced FTP Development. Many of the training plans are designed as event-specific plans divided into five four-week phases: Early Base, Late Base, Early Build, Late Build, and Preparation.

While the training plans can be completed sequentially and are structured to progressively build upon previous weeks’ work, you can start a training plan in any phase—for instance if you’ve a strong base you can start with phase two—and go forward. To start a training plan all you have to do is tap the Add to Calendar button.

Trust the Process

Improving one’s fitness or preparing for a race requires some planning, and the dedication to sticking with a plan once it has been made. Completing training plans and workouts in MyWhoosh allows you to use training modes similar to those used by the best sprinters, hill climbers, and all-around cyclists in the world.

The process of improving your fitness includes setting goals, measuring your fitness through testing, doing specific workouts to hone strengths and improve weaknesses, and repeating these steps.

Set Goals

One of the most effective ways to improve your fitness, and an important part of the process of getting faster is to set a realistic goal within a realistic time frame. Setting a goal could be as simple as entering an event or singing up for a race. One of the most effective ways to hold yourself accountable after you’ve set a goal is to share this goal with a family member or another cyclist.


Once you’ve set a goal with a specific amount of time to try to achieve it, you’ll want to benchmark your progress. Completing a specific workout or a performing a fitness test at the beginning of your training cycle and then repeating it every so often—according to the MyWhoosh training plan—will offer quantifiable and actionable feedback.

“Free Rides”

An important aspect of training is doing unstructured or free rides from time to time. These rides can be easy and fun recovery rides, without with guidelines for effort (e.g., power output or heart rate) other than to keep things fun and easy. These rides can be social and non-competitive. Weekly scheduled social rides in MyWhoosh include a 12:00 GST (GMT+4) Tuesday Aussie Social Ride at 32kph, or the 21:00 GST UK Social Ride at 36kph pace.

One option for a social ride in MyWhoosh virtural cycling experience is are indicated as a MyBunch Ride, lead by one of nine MyWhoosh pacing bots at speeds between 25kph and 40kph depending on which of the bots you choose to ride with.

The most important aspect of training with MyWhoosh is having fun. Keeping your training fresh and exciting—which make it more fun—will help you keep your focus, stay motivated, and prevent burnout. If you’re having fun, no matter how much you’re suffering while doing a leg-shredding and lung-busting workout, you’ll be smiling and wanting to do more.

Fun rides in MyWhoosh don’t always have to be hard. Social rides and interacting with other riders, entering virtual races, and gauging your improvements in fitness and virtual racing savvy while enjoying the MyWhoosh scenery contribute to elements of gaining the satisfaction of known you’ve done something to improve yourself. And this satisfaction is fun!

Why does Tadej win? Besides his remarkable and unusual physiology, he has shared experiences with his UAE Team Emirates teammates. And these shared riding experiences—just like the ones you, too can experience in MyWhoosh—are fun!

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