Virtual Cycling Events Schedule

MyWhoosh has hundreds of events per week with an event style for everyone! Currently all of our events can be found once you login to the application on the main menu screen. All of our events are open to riders all around the world.

All start times are in Gulf Standard Time (GST) which is GMT +4.

MyBunch Ride

Welcome to MyBunch – Arabian Gulf. Enjoy the sights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Choose a pace that suits you. It could be a recovery ride, you might want to go hard, or even a cruise with a MyBunch. The choice is yours. MyBunch is a new concept designed by MyWhoosh. We have 9 MyBunches to choose from. Our White MyBunch has an average speed of 25 km/h, with each MyBunch increasing by 2 km/h all the way to our UAE Team ride at 40+ kmh. Join a MyBunch that suits your speed, don’t forget you can draft to make the speed easier. 

White 25 km/h, Red 27 km/h, Yellow 29 km/h, Green 31 km/h, Burg 33 km/h, Pink 35 km/h, Orange 37 km/h, Blue 39 km/h, Team UAE 40 km/h+

Starts every 30 minutes beginning at 12:00am and 12:30am GST.

Battle the Bot Ride

Battle the Bot is the ultimate test of fitness and improvement. Race our very unfriendly Bots over the 15km Alula loop. Why are they unfriendly? Unlike our friendly MyBunch Bots, these Bots won’t let you draft; it’s you versus them one on one through the small rolling hills of Alula. How many can you beat? 30 Bots will start with you all producing different power. The slowest Bot will hold 150w and the fastest 375w. Can you beat one, five, or can you take them all down? No matter what this will hurt, give it everything. See how many you beat, and then come back and take them on again to track your progress.

Starts every hour beginning at 12:15am GST.

Social Rides

A host of social rides from around the globe will be scheduled throughout the daily calendar. Find one that sounds interesting and give it a try! 

Wednesday // 9pm GST – Welcome to the weekly UK Social Ride, taking in the sights of the Arabian Gulf. Join our MyWhoosh bunch at 36km/h. Ride the front for a hard workout or sit on and enjoy the draft.

Tuesday // 6 AM AEST [12 AM GST] and 6 PM AEST [12 PM GST] – Join us for the weekly Thursday Aussie Social rides. A 27km lap around the sights of Alula. Join the MyWhoosh bunch and average 32km/h and try to win one of the 2 segments. Ride the front for a hard workout or sit on and enjoy an easier start to the day.


MyWhoosh HQ Racing

Welcome to MyWhoosh HQ Racing. A challenging and fun hit out through some of the most iconic courses in the app. With some fast flats and short sharp climbs, these routes suit all types of riders. This event is open to riders of all levels, just join the event that fits your fitness level. Join in to race hard and finish knowing you left it all out there.

4 races per day – 7:45am GST, 11:45am GST, 4:45pm GST, 7:45pm GST

2 events per race – Fast Pace (for racers who feel strong) and Easy Pace (best for new racers and those coming back to fitness).

MyWhoosh Beta Racing

Welcome to the MyWhoosh Beta race – Bahrain. The MyWhoosh team have been busy developing our game. It’s now time to go live with social racing and try new things. Beta to us means let’s challenge our development team, ourselves and users to constantly evolve the MyWhoosh experience. Our first event is two laps of the new Bahrain route. Totalling 17.6km with 220m of climbing, your legs will know you have raced. Look out for our new day and night modes, and feel free to send feedback to

3 races per day – 1:45am, 9:45am, & 5:45pm GST.

Sunday Race Club (SRC)

At MyWhoosh we believe racing is the pinnacle of cycling and our SRC reflects this. Cycle racing is hard work, and our aim is for you to walk away knowing you have given your best, no matter what your ability. Racing in SRC is the best way to both test yourself and improve your fitness. 

The SRC is typically held over a route of varied terrain, some weeks the race can be relatively flat and others with over 1000m of climbing.  

Results are based on first across the line in each category. However, during each SRC there are several segments you can compete in. These range from short sprints, to longer rouleur segments to 10km KOM’s on the weeks we hit the mountains. These are a great way to compare your times to other racers or to take bragging rights.  

All categories start together and are identified by different jerseys. Most SRC’s start at a frantic pace before settling into hard racing against riders in your category.  

Learn more about SRC here and register for this week’s event!